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Aditya Institute of Technology focuses on the introduction of different technology for all the students. A one day workshop on “Embedded Systems & Robotics” was organized by Aditya Institute of Technology in association with i3india Technologies.

The objective of seminar was to introduce the students to the field of robotics which will be highly beneficial to them in terms of their minor & major projects and career enhancements. Knowledge on basics of robotics was imparted.

Following topics were covered during the full day workshop:

  • Introduction to Robotics
    • Future aspects and career in the field of robotics
    • Parts of the Robots
  • Basic practical exposure of electronic component
    • Wide description about power supply circuit development and testing of power supply on Bread Board
    • Glowing of LED on Bread Board
  • Integrated chips
    • Wide description about motor
    • Motor driver IC
    • Development of motor controlling circuit and testing on Bread Board
    • Wide description about DTMF Technology
    • DTMF implementation and testing on the Bread Board
  • Assembling of Robot
  • Different directional drivers of Robot using switches(Manual Control)
  • Development of mobile control Robot
  • Development of mobile control wireless Robot
  • Development of power supply unit on Bread Board
  • Interfacing of motors with motor driver IC

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