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Admissions 2024-2025


Each semester shall consist of 16 working weeks, out of this not less than 13 weeks shall be devoted to class sessions and sessional exams. Remaining three weeks may be utilized for cultural, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  • Every period of lecture, tutorial, practicals, project and workshop work shall be counted as one unit for the purpose of counting attendance e.g. if a class comes for four periods at a time four unit of attendance will be counted.
  • Periods of study spent in sessional exams shall also be taken as presence to count attendance/contract periods.
  • Students, while representing various teams of the Institute during the Inter Polytechnic sports or engaged in extracurricular activities with the prior and written permission of the Principal shall be counted as presence in accordance with the time table for the purpose of counting attendance.
  • Be regular in your classes and maintain your attendance as specified by the Board of Technical Education which is 66% in each individual subject and 75% in aggregate.

Relaxation from minimum requisite attendance may be allowed on the following grounds

1.Genuine prolonged illness during the session.Up to the extent of 15% both for aggregate and individual subject.
2.Death of Father/ Mother/ Guardian (Because 10% of 1280 period come to nearly 15 working days).Up to the extent of 10% of both for aggregate and individual.
3.Disability to attend classes due to natural Calamities of human being.Up to the extent of 10%.
4.Disadvantage due to non-holding classes in one Particular or more subjects due to non-appointment of teachers by the government in government institutions.Up to the extent 10%.