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Top polytechnic Diploma college for electronic & communication in Delhi

Top polytechnic Diploma college for electronic & communication in Delhi

This department was established at Aditya Institute of Technology (AIT) in 1995 with a 60-student intake. The Top polytechnic Diploma college for electronic and communication in Delhi aims to train young engineers to select, operate, and maintain communication facilities – and other related electronics systems – that are currently being installed in government, semi-government, and private sector organizations. In this exciting and fast-expanding sector of the economy, there are also opportunities for self-employment. β€œThe brain of modern technology is electronics.” Even the computer is a piece of electronic equipment. It is an evergreen subject that provides opportunities for technicians in the fields of maintenance and service, research assistance, production control, quality control, and marketing in the field of engineering. ISRO, DRDO, BEL, INTEL, IBM, AMD, SONY, SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, NASA, National Electronics, and National Semiconductors all require the services of electronic technicians. Electronics, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Medical Electronics, Mechatronics, and Computer Science are just several of the subjects available for further study with a diploma in electronics.
We have the following well-equipped laboratories:
Microwave and optical fiber communication lab.
Microprocessor Embedded Technology and VLSI Lab.
The project, consumer, and Troubleshooting Lab.
Analog and Digital Communication Lab.
Instrumentation Lab.
EDS and Basic Electronics lab.
Power Electronics Lab.

Aims of the Course :
Understanding electronic networks and devices, electric magnetic fields, computer principles, communication, and control systems are the focus of this study. Aditya Institute of Technology (AIT) Delhi is a top polytechnic diploma college for electrical and communication engineering, which combines scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electronics to build components, devices, systems, and equipment.
Why Choose Top polytechnic Diploma college for electronic & communicationto?
Electronics is the study of how devices and circuits develop and operate. We are currently living in an era of Electronics and Communication Technology (ECT) research and development. From consumer electronics to commercial and industrial computing and communication equipment, a diploma holder in Electronics & Communication Engineering is competent for work in a wide range of sectors and user bases.

Our Mission:

Regular interactive sessions in the department by industrial experts, workshops, and a symposium on the latest technological developments with the active participation of students from other institutions. By developing the human, social, and intellectual qualities required for successful experiences dealing.

Our vision:
To develop dynamic, creative, and innovative professionals In the ever-changing world of technology, who will take the lead?