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Now a days everything is getting advanced every second of time. Hence, updates on various fields cannot be included in the student curriculum. Also, we believe students cannot expand their knowledge from textbooks alone. This is where the seminars and workshops are of great importance.

The main objective of conducting seminars and workshops is to provide latest information about technologies being used in different sectors. The institute invites eminent personalities / companies who have achieved some feat in science and technology to conduct seminars on various technical and non-technical topics related to students’ course of study to make them aware with the present and ongoing advancements in the technical fields.

In association with many eminent companies, AIT conducts many seminars & workshops frequently on the topics pertinent to electronics & Communication, software, IT, medical, etc.

The workshops are organized for the students for their exposure on recent advancements. The topics covered in workshops & seminars conducted by the college in the past few years are:

Few of the workshops/ seminars organized in the past are mentioned below:

  • Seminar on Android & Cisco Networking
  • Seminar on Mobile Internet
  • Seminar on Internet of Things
  • Seminar on Networking by Huawei Telecommunication
  • Seminar on Embedded System, DOT Matrix Display
  • Seminar on TOEFL & GRE Test
  • Seminar on Mobile Internet Software Technology & Services
  • Workshop on Android Mobile Application
  • Workshop on Information Security
  • Workshop on Source of Energy Generation
  • Workshop on Electricity Generation Process
  • Workshop on Energy Transmission & Distribution System
  • Workshop on Networking & Cloud Computing
  • Workshop on Cisco Networking by Network Bulls
  • Workshop on Web Designing
  • Workshop on Deployment & Managing Windows Server 2012
  • Workshop on SCADA S/W & Project
  • Workshop on PHP Technology
  • Workshop on Embedded & Robotics
  • Workshop on PYTHON & DATA Science