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June 3, 2023

2.Celebration of International women’s day with theme: ‘DigitALL:Innovation And Technology for Gender Equality’ (06.03.2023)

Aditya Institute of Technology conducted one day event to celebrate women’s day on 6 .03.2023 for all the students under Student Development Programme ‘Theme ‘DigitALL: Innovation andTechnology for Gender Equality’.
The students participated enthusiastically in three of the events organized by the college.
1.Poster Making
2.Reciting of poem
3.Speeches /Motivational stories.
Students were able to explain their views and ideas on the topics through creativity while making Posters..The students enthusiastically participated in the competition as they got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The competition inspired the young poets to come forward and recite on stage. They enjoyed the perfection of expression, thoughts, emotions, rhythm and music of words.
A good speech attracts the audience’s attention and moves on with smoothness towards the conclusion. Students. The aim of the speech was to make students express their thoughts clearly, use appropriate vocabulary, and develop good speaking habits.
The event concluded with a happening and cheerful remark.

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