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November 6, 2023

One Day Workshop for Women Health Awareness (06.11.2023)

Aditya Institute of Technology conducted one day workshop on Women Health Awareness on 6.11.2023 for all the female students of our college under Student Development Programme
The workshop was organized by a health consultant associated with a UNO member Biotech research group named Tiens International. The topic discussed was related to sanitation and personal hygiene and the session was called “save women from silent killers”.
According to the WHO report, in every 7 minutes, a female dies due to cervical cancer and also, they are facing problems like white water discharge, leucorrhoea, weakening of uterus walls, breast cancer, cysts, PCOD, PCOS, and many more. The biggest reason behind these problems is the usage of bad quality sanitary napkins.
The focus of the workshop was on awaking the females of our society at an age at which they can prevent their personal health issues by Changing the sanitary pads frequently (every 3-4 hours), even when you are not menstruating heavily. Stay hydrated during periods to reduce the chances of UTI. Always maintain personal hygiene, Choose organic pads without fragrance, avoid using public washrooms.

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