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August 28, 2023

5.Workshop on Ethical Hacking and Networking by Network Bulls pvt. Ltd. (28.08.2023)

Aditya Institute of Technology organized a workshop on 28.8.2023 in the institute under the student development Programme.
Students were provided a brief introduction about networking as week as to the numerous career options available in the field of networking .it helps them to take the right decision in their career and gave a path towards their bright future.

The major topics covered the workshop buy the experts were
Basics of Networking, scope of networking, different devices details like routers, switches, hubs, etc.
Virtual Private Networking, by giving daily life examples so that the students can correlate ,different networks like WAN,MAN,LAN.VAN,OSI model of networkin,about Firewalls ,proxies ,career growth in the field of networking
At the end of the workshop a Q&A session as held for students to clear any doubts, concerns or queries if any: all the students participated enthusiasitialauy.

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