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January 21, 2023

One day Industrial visit to National Science Center at Pragati Maidn,New Delhi (21.01.2023)

Aditya Institute of Technology organized a one day industrial visit to National Science Center on 21.01.2023 under the Student Development Programme.

The students had the privilege of witnessing the tour of the following galleries- Water- the elixir of life, Hall of nuclear power, Our science and technology heritage, Human biology, Pre-historic life , Fun science, Information revolution, Emerging technologies-Space Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Medical and Biotechnology, Oceanography and Earth Sciences,

The galleries showcased a plethora of exhibits that covered various topics. Magic tap, stingless piano, Tesla coils, energy ball, marine and freshwater aquariums were the main attractions at the Science Centre.

The Pre-Historic Life Gallery which had recreation of the world millions of years ago. Students got an insight into the existence of prehistoric flora and fauna like Trilobites, Giant Scorpion, early birds, Dinosaurs and Neanderthal man. This gallery was of outmost academic importance to the students as it covered many parts of the Evolutionary Biology syllabus including formation of earth and atmosphere, origin of life forms, mass extinctions, details of fossil formation, human evolution and so on. At the end, the students visited the Fun Science Gallery which caught their attention instantly. It was full of Hand on Exhibits explaining the fundamentals of science

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